Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cards for a Friend

I am creating some general use/thank you cards for my friend Joleen. She has given me total freedom to create whatever my heart desires (which I love) so I am playing a bit with some spring stamp images. The golden card is made with an old favorite set of mine from Stampin' Up! The bottom card with the cute little kids is from Great Impressions. I do have a big thank you for my friend Amanda. She is a very talented stamper and generously gave me her wheel handle recently along with some ink cartridges. I have not been able to use my round wheel stamps because I gave my wheel handle away (what was I thinking). Then I realized how much I missed it so I got some wheels but again was without ink and a handle. In addition Amanda also gave me her alignment tool so I can stamp in a semi straight line. Thank you! Thank you! I have a few more cards to make for Joleen but have had a touch of the flu and have not felt creative all week. UGH! The flu can knock the creativity out of anyone!

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