Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nature Walk Stamp Set Card

This evening I finished up some Letterbox Trading Cards and then turned my attentions on to Father’s Day (yes, the night before). I made four cards (but only placed the Father’s Day greeting on one of them). The Nature Walk stamp set is from Stampin Up! This 7 set stamp set is a favorite of mine. I am an addict for stamps that contain birds, butterflies, dragonflies and birdcages among others. Sort of like my addiction to Halloween images. This set really hits a high point with me and I find myself turning to it more than I thought I might. You just can’t go wrong with nature inspired images.

This is my local demonstrator’s Stampin Up! page. Jessica is very creative and is also a police officer. An interesting mix of hobbies and professions. She is also a fantastic gal. I have not had a chance to catch up with her in a while but she is on my list to call.

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