Saturday, March 7, 2009


To continue with the stitching trend I made 6 cards today. Although I created the same layout for each the stitching is unique on each card. I also used some scraps to vary the color a bit. Even though the cards are the same I think there is enough variation to have them feel different. This collection of cards is going to be given to Pastor John (PJ) and his family. In the past I have given them handmade gifts or new crafting tools for Christmas but with my illness this year I was hardly even able to get our Christmas cards in the mail. I am working on a belated Christmas gift and will call it Kelly's Kard Klub. My goal is to give them a batch of homemade cards each month. I still need to make a few more to get caught up but because these are so time consuming I will need to make some that are a little less labor intensive.

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