Monday, March 23, 2009

I Only Stopped For Felt...

Today I ran a couple of errands at lunch and stopped at the new JoAnn Fabrics store that opened near Barnes and Noble. It really should be a crime to have Archivers, Barnes and Noble and JoAnn Fabrics basically right next to one and other about 3 minutes from my new office. Way too dangerous! Plus I discovered that Zurchers and Michael's also carry cake decorating supplies. Today I innocently stopped to pick up black felt squares at JoAnn's and was having trouble locating them. I asked a gal in a smock and she directed me to their location. The fault here lies in the journey. The felt squares were situated right next to the clear stamps that were all priced at 40% off. And the clincher that unsealed my fate was that they had dog inspired sets. How could I pass them up these adorable dog stamps at 40% off each $9.99 set? I just slipped down stairs to play with my new Inkadinkado Dog's Life (98774) set. The set includes 23 clear stamps. Although I only used three of the stamps I can't wait to play with the rest of the set. I also logged on the Inkadinkado web site they have the most beautiful wood mounted stamps with butterflies, bees and birds. I should have never looked. So many stamps and never enough time.

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