Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Confessions of a Late Gift Giver!

Going out and purchasing a gift has never caused issues of tardy gifts. I am usually on time or darn close to the date. Where I have started to slide is wanting to include homemade gifts as my gifts or to accompany my purchased gifts. My heart is always in the right place. However, my timing can be greatly flawed. I find that I underestimate the amount of time I will need to create a gift and/or I also am easily side tracked with other crafting projects and obligations. As it sits right now I am actively working on two crafting projects that are still unfinished. And those two do not count all the inactive half completed projects that litter my mind and craft room. For my sister’s birthday I wanted to include handmade cards with her necklace and Heifer International donation. Those cards had me on the brink of disaster and her gift by a small miracle made it the day of her birthday. Fast forward to my father’s birthday (a mere few weeks from mine and Michelle’s) and I totally sand bagged. Yep, the day came and went and the only gift I had in place was his Heifer International donation. Shame, shame, shame! And even worse he and my mom are traveling for the week of his birthday so I could not even call to humbly apologize. I started his gift about a month ago but between work, family and other projects I was hard pressed to get it done until 3 days after his birthday. Part of it was also the concept and the searching for pictures. I wanted to make something special and unique with more to say than a traditional scrapbook. Alas the gift left Boise today along with a little something I ran across on Monday at Kohl’s that reminded me of my dad. It looks like I will need to really watch my timing in the future with my recent track record. Ugh!

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