Thursday, July 30, 2009

Card Kit Number 2

Kendra came over last night and we worked on a western themed Thank You card for her to give to a friend. She looked through a January 2007 Cards magazine I have and picked out a layout she liked. Then we modified the theme to suit her needs. While Alex and Kendra were out walking Raisin and Jay last night I decided to take the layout she picked and I made her a second card kit to work on at home. It’s amazing how you can take one layout and make a million different cards from one simple design. On a sad note this evening my very favorite and beautifully decorated button bowl broke. I just barely knock it against the shelf to put it back in place and the bottom busted off and the buttons poured out all over my floor. This was definitely a heartbreaking moment for me. Now I need to find a new bowl and pick up all the buttons without cutting myself on any glass shards. On a lighter note this morning while walking Raisin and Jay a neighbor came out with her dog and confessed to me that she was able to re-use cards that I had given to her for Christmas in past years for two funerals this past year. She said no one commented on her words of condolences but they gushed about the cards. Looks like we will be making her cards instead of cookies this Christmas.

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