Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little Stitch...

I have been neck deep in Letterboxing recently and have not had many moments to craft on cards or other paper projects. Today with the temperatures outside over 100 degrees Alex’s friend, Kendara, and I headed down to the basement for me to teach her how to make picture frames and cards. Kendra does not consider herself a crafter but with a little nudge she is blossoming. These are the two samples I created for her to make tonight. We also made a third card with a camping theme. It’s amazing how people assume they are not crafty but a little glue and glitter can solve that in a matter of minutes. The two frames we completed were for her bedroom that is decorated in orange and while. We put pictures in the completed frames from our camping trip last weekend. Next, I am teaching her how to cross stitch.

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