Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recipe for Gift-Giving

The weekend my sister came to Boise we headed over to Archiver’s to partake in a recipe album class. Although Michelle is a self confessed non-crafter she assembled her project with the skill and ease of a seasoned crafter. Upon finishing the class I noted that the Adhesive Chipboard that they provided “Ready-Set-Chip” from the Early Bird – Cosmo Cricket Company had a lot of neat items left to craft with. The instructor suggested purchasing a second blank chipboard divider set and a 6 x 6 Early Bird Mini Deck to create a second gift. Since I have most of the crafting tools at home I thought it was a great idea.

Tonight after all of our Thanksgiving meal, clean up and visiting with friends for dessert I came back home and created the second recipe album. Although the paint I had for the chipboard was not a perfect match the retro papers and distressed edges allowed for the colors to blend just fine. The great thing about crafting is that it never needs to be perfect. I do love the classes at Archivers because they send you home with detailed color instructions for each project you complete. Those instructions always have the dimensions of the papers so you can easily create your own projects at home. Now I just need to add recipes and I have two small handmade Christmas gifts ready to give.

The Mini Deck was really cute because the papers were the same as the ones in the class but the print is reduced. I am also preparing to make some cards for gifts and I have some great scraps left from this mini deck that can be used as accents.

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Hendel D'bu said...

Very interesting!

So many ideas going through my head with these...I'll be making some of these - hope I can find the kits local. :-)


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