Friday, May 7, 2010

Dad's Birthday Gift - Still Under Construction

Confessions of an overachiever. Or maybe I should say underachiever. My Dad's birthday was in April (yes, a month ago). I wanted to make him a handmade birthday gift. I hatched the plan to make an accordion album from their recent cruise. My first misstep was thinking I had a lot of time to complete the project while they were visiting friends and family in California and Nevada. My second pitfall was that they had so many great pictures that I could not decide which ones to order. I ordered way too many pictures and went from one mini album to creating two of them. My third stumbling block was my left wrist. It hurts when I craft and actually hurts when I do just about anything. I am having surgery on Monday to alleviate the issue. When I finally hatched my design plans I also decided on techniques that were more time consuming than past accordion albums I have created. My desire to have it be unique and extra special. Add everything together and I must confess that as of tonight I only have one of the two albums completed.

I started with pure white accordion albums and used my Glimmer Mist to cover the blank canvas I started with. I then randomly stamped the background with flowers and designs. Next I created each panel using colors that I felt spoke to me of love (red, black and cream). Although the colors and the background are completely different color pallets and set different moods I was also trying to meld the variety of their trip both on and off the ship. I wanted the feel of the variety of their experiences to come through each panel. So far I like the results. Now it's time for me to start working on the second album. Maybe I will get it into the mail by the time Christmas rolls around. Fortunately Dad and Mom are forgiving of my over ambitious gift giving plans. I hope that the wait will be worth it once they receive my efforts. I feel that gifts that are made by hand are a gift of time to those that receive them. The gift of my time is the most valuable gift I possess.

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