Saturday, August 23, 2014

Extreme Jewelery Makeover - Sea Inspired

From ordinary to extraordinary! I purchased ocean inspired jewelery from Francine my AVON representative which I thought would make a great base for an extreme jewelery makeover. I next discovered sea inspired pendents and charms at Hobby Lobby. I placed them all in the talented and creative hands of jewelery artist Kelly Reed and she turned them into one of a kind works of art! 
I am so excited to wear them on our cruise and to Lake Tahoe. I have included pictures of the original jewelery (with the exception of a set of earrings) which represent the "before" pictures. The "after" pictures feature three necklaces, a very special charm bracelet, and several pairs of matching hand made earrings. She also combined the three individual anklets into one and added additional charms. I will treasure my new ocean inspired jewelry sets and am really looking forward to showing them off while on vacation. Thank you Kelly for sharing your talents with me!

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