Sunday, January 27, 2008

Archiver Inspired

Usually when I create card layouts I do them from my mind either inspired from the stamps I am working with or the papers. Since receiving the Cricut from Anthony (the best gift giver in the world) thanks to a pre-Christmas tip off from Debbie I have been trying to work it's use into my creations. I received a flyer from Archiver's showing off all of their Valentine goodies. I though it might be fun to test the cricut against a few of their samples. Above is their handout and the three layouts I copied. Although I could have almost made the exact same cards I did improvise a little by adding more stamping, changing the colors and also tossing in a bit of distressing. I am going through a distressing faze right now and can't seem to leave an un-distressed edge behind. This was a fun exercise for me to really test the Cricut and it's abilities. I guess I need to come up for air and start dinner.

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