Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party Mini Hats

My co-worker Ashley is expecting her first baby (a little girl) and is having a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme for her baby shower.  Ashley created these amazing little hats for her guests to wear at the party.  She is lucky she left the office with all of them after showing them to me because they are too cute for words.  For the short hats Ashley took a plastic cup glued it to a foam brim and covered both in material.  She added various beads, feathers and bows for embellishments.  For the larger hats she glued the cup to one of those small sauce containers that you would get with your to-go food at a take-out restaurant and then glued both to the foam base.  Since the hats are small she is going to affix them to clips or headbands.  Another great thing about the hats is that they do not use a lot of material so you can use up all your material scraps to make each of them a one-of-a-kind creation.   


Pixie Dust Mom said...

These hats are absolutely adorable!

mackyton said...

Superb hats!! I really found the dazzling. Want to have similar ones for all my guests for a hatter’s tea party at one of New York venues. The invitees will like this hat wearing idea. These elegant unique hats will look fabulous at the event.


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