Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Wheelchair Mission Sunday...

Tomorrow at church we are excited to host folks from the Free Wheelchair Mission. Their mission is to transform lives through mobility. This Sunday the Founder and President, Don Schoendorfer will be with us. It is a Christian nonprofit organization. We are really excited to hear him speak. They are able to construct a wheelchair out of a molded plastic patio chair. It is amazing, comfortable for sitting in for long periods of time and washable. One chair costs under $52.00 to make and deliver. In 2008 our church provided 124 wheelchairs to individuals in need. We will also have African singers performing and there is also a local artist, who is a paraplegic that paints holding a paintbrush in his mouth that has donated lithographs of a painting he created to the mission. This Sunday there will be a potluck after the 11 a.m. service for the African singers and their families. Although we are not attending the potluck I wanted to make some African themed cupcakes for the kids. I made a double batch tonight and attempted to swirl the colors of icing. Although I think I may have needed to use frosting with a bit more contrast in colors I think the results were not half bad for a first attempt. I found some really cute Wilton Jungle Pal Icing Decorations at Zurchers today to top the cupcakes. I sure hope the kids enjoy them tomorrow. Now it’s time to clean up all that frosting and dust the powered sugar off myself. What a mess such tiny treats make!

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