Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's Old is New Again...

What’s old is new again or maybe what I should confess is what is new is still new. Either way you look at it I used a Stampin’ Up! Stamp set tonight that is from 2002 that I have never inked up until tonight. Oh, the shame of it all. The set is called Nature’s Wonders and it is a simple set of four stamps. I wanted to make a set of matching cards for my sister’s birthday (March 23rd). I love the simplicity of this set. I used Stampin’ Up! Sunsplash Embossing Powder (another old item I have) and Mat Stacks in Earth Coordinating prints for the accent papers. The interesting thing about stamps is you can find almost any retired set on E-Bay if you have the name of the set you are looking for. I always keep my old catalogs for reference in case I am trying to track down an old set. It is also helpful if your stamps have become separated from one and other and you need to track the set down. Many of my stamps are not in their cases so I need to hunt the set down one by one to get my cards coordinated. I have also had luck checking with my demonstrator to find retired sets through her demonstrator network. The Nature’s Wonders set actually has 10 sets of stamps on E-Bay for sale ranging currently from .99 cents to $9.95. You do have to watch shipping on E-Bay because you can end up spending a lot more for a set than you would have originally. But if you want it badly enough it can be worth the extra cost. Personally I have no issues with used stamps and those you can get for a reduced price most of the time.

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