Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Little Cookie On Top

I recently saw a picture of some very cute cupcakes on the Food Network. I have posted the picture above. They are adorable classic yellow cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting. Situated on the top of the cupcake was a simple sugar cookie. I loved the simplicity of the sugar cookie decorated cupcake and thought I would make some for the all church picnic tomorrow. I decided to make both yellow and chocolate cupcakes and top each with milk chocolate frosting. I purchased some mini cookie cutters from Wilton at Jo Ann Fabrics and made some simple flowers, hearts and butterflies. I sprinkled each with a little colored sugar. I topped my cupcakes off with a sprinkle of edible orange colored glitter. I think they turned out just as cute as the ones on the Food Network. I have quite a few left over minature cookies and some larger ones I baked too so I will be taking along a plate of sugar cookies tomorrow with the cupcakes.

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