Monday, August 17, 2009

Murder Mystery with Recipes

I was in the market for a couple of books to take on our trip to Las Vegas this past weekend. I didn’t want to bring along a huge novel so I scoured the book isles for something totally different than I normally read. I stumbled upon a series of books by JoAnne Fluke. I picked up Key Lime Pie Murder and Blueberry Muffin Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery with recipes). The titles alone were almost too tasty to pass up. I am about ¾ of the way through my first mystery and it is not only a fun read with great characters but it is brimming with recipes. And I love that the recipes are from the characters in the book with notes about the recipes from the cast of fictional characters. Too clever! Naturally I could not resist trying one out as soon as we returned so tonight we made the first recipe in the Key Lime Pie Murder - Swedish Oatmeal Cookies. We all took a taste and yum they were a hit. Next on our list in Chapter Two are Pineapple Delights!

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