Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Halloween in February

Cute fuzzy bunnies and chicks for Easter? Nope. Hearts and flowers for Valentines Day? No way. Shamrocks and little men in green suits? Not a chance. It's Halloween in February Boise style. I am not sure what it is but I am itching to make Halloween themed and inspired cards. Each time I go into a craft store or dig into my supplies I keep lamenting over images of cobwebs, spiders, black cats and bats. Why fight the urge? I decided tonight to give in to my whims and created my first Halloween card for 2010. At a thrift store recently I purchased the oldest book I could find so I could use the pages in my cards and letterboxing LTC's. This card represents the first page I have removed from the book to craft with. Old books are a real crafting bargain. I picked this one up for .50 cents and it has hundreds and hundreds of pages. The possibilities are endless. Too bad it's past my bedtime or I would keep in creating. Maybe it's time to watch Nightmare Before Christmas to really get in the mood.

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