Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures

Miniature Picture Frame .35 Cents

Hand Painted Tea Cup and Saucer $5.75 (My Big Splurge)

New Packet of Decorative Paper (Never Opened - 100 Sheets) $1.75

Old Music Sheets (to be torn out and used for crafting) .50 cents

Small Bunny Statue (for my Easter village) .50 cents

2 Decks of Playing Cards (for Artist or Letterboxing Trading Cards) .50 cents each

Halloween Pooh Bear Rubber Stamp $2.00

Stamp'In Up! Handle and Wheel $2.75

Hand Painted Easter Egg and Small Brass Stand $1.75

Old Fashioned Bunny with dress and Bloomers $1.75

I have decided to start hunting at thrift and antique stores for goodies and treasures for my mixed media crafting needs. There is an Idaho Youth Ranch close to work and I strolled over this afternoon. One of the items I am hoping to eventually uncover is an antique typewriter to craft with. I want the old fashioned metal non electric type. I am also on the lookout for antique pictures especially ones with dogs or animals in them. I recently scanned in all the old family photos I have and actually found four tiny images of The Ringling Brothers Circus from October 17, 1896. I also found one small image of a dog on it's hind legs with it's paws up in the air. It was not until I scanned the image that I realized what it was. I will eventually use the scanned images in crafting projects (not the originals but copies). I am completely in love with the texture and beauty of antique pictures from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Today's trip offered some fun finds for less than $19.00 total. Some items were just for fun and a few will find their way into my crafting projects in the future. You just can't beat the deals if you are willing to really look. I also found a spatula for the kitchen (my favorite one broke recently). It was only .50 cents. The other great bonus about thrift store is you are part of the recycling process. A great way to help save the environment!

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