Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ringling Brothers Circus and Furry Friend

A Furry Family Member - Date and Dog's Name Unknown
Ringling Brothers Circus - October 17, 1896 - City Unknown

These are some very small pictures I scanned into my computer this past weekend. Most of the pictures I have do not have any information on the backs of them and there is no one left on this Earth who can identify who is in the pictures or when they were taken. The circus pictures are an exception and not only pinpoint the subject but also the date they were taken. Obviously someone was pretty thrilled that the circus had come to town. Having seen Ringling Brothers as a child and also taking my own children to see them it was really special to find these pictures. Even without knowing any details about the pictures I have the images have so much life and texture to them. You can almost write their history just by peering into the subjects eyes and letting your imagination run wild. The picture of the dog above is the only one in my small collection that features a domestic furry friend. I would love to find more images with dogs or cats in them for my collection.

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