Saturday, December 4, 2010

Embossing with Classic Stamp Pads

Although the pictures above are a little out of focus this is a great tip to help get more mileage out of your Classic Stamp pads without needing to purchase craft pads in the same colors to be able to emboss.

Classic Stamp pads like the ones I have from Stampin' Up! are Water-Based Dye Ink and they are created to dry very fast. This is not conducive to embossing. Craft pads are made from Pigment Ink and are very "juicy" which makes them perfect for embossing. Many companies offer a wide variety of pads in a multitude of colors but it is expensive to purchase two pads in the same color so you can emboss in addition to stamping.

A VersaMark Water Mark Stamp Pad is the answer to your dilemma. The VersaMark pad will allow you to use your Classic Stamp pad's as embossing ink.

1. Ink Up Your Stamp with the VersaMark Pad
2. Next Ink Up Your Stamp with the Classic Stamp Pad
3. Stamp Image on Paper
4. Apply Clear Embossing Powder
5. Shake Off Excess
6. Heat Emboss
7. Clean Stamp Between Each Use

I am still working on the cards for my pastor at church and I created all of these tiny tags using my Classic Stamp Pads and a VersaMark Pad. The VersaMark Pad in my pictures is not the one I recommend but it was such a soft color that it did not transfer on to my Classic Pads and it did not alter the colors I was using.

Late this afternoon I made 12 cards and I have four more to go. That will give me a total of 32 cards to give to the pastor and his wife.

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