Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pocket Photo Case - Patent Dated 1931

I discovered this wonderful Pocket Photo Case full of family pictures in an antique store in McCall, Idaho a couple of weeks ago. I love black and white photography and I though that the pictures were framed perfectly by the photo case. There is a Patent stamped in the case dated 1931 and most of the pictures have words written under them in pencil that is very faint. The dog in the pictures is named Laddy, the woman standing on the rock is Charlotte, the man with the pitch fork is simply Uncle and the man in the corn is Percy. I moved the picture of Mt. Rainier and underneath it says "Mr. and Mrs. Shelton." I am not sure who they are, what lives they lived or how this simple little pocket case ended up discarded from family treasures. But I scooped it up as my found treasure.

Because I never like to use the actual pictures I scanned them and printed them on white card stock. Then I roughed them up to make these antique inspired cards. Something old...something new...

I will admit that finding dogs in historic pictures is a bit of an addiction for me. Ages ago I went through all of the vintage pictures I have from my family and found only one dog in all of them and it is an extremely small pictures. Since then I always look for vintage portraits with dog in them. I have this wonderful book called The Best Dog in the World - Vintage Portraits of Children and Their Dogs. It looks like I am not the only one who loves vintage portraits of dogs.

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