Friday, October 21, 2011

Cookie Candy Molds by Wilton

Recently the Dally household signed up again to help with baking for the River of Life Homeless dinner and coffee hour at church once a month. I was able to bake and frost about 100 cupcakes for the homeless dinner this week and delivered them to the church on Wednesday night after my Stephen Ministry meeting.

Baking for coffee hour is a slightly larger undertaking since you are baking for about 200+ people of all ages and nibbling appetites. We typically bake breads, cupcakes and cookies for coffee hour when we are the hosts. Last night I shifted my attention to coffee hour since it is this Sunday and in addition to cupcakes I thought it might be fun to decorate Oreo cookies.

I purchased two Halloween themed Wilton cookie candy molds and thought this would be the perfect time to give them a whirl. With about 100+ cookies on my counter I enthusiastically melted my green chocolate wafers and started painstakingly hand painting the bright green chocolate into the molds. Before I knew it I had out my glasses and crafting light. This was not a good sign. I discovered very quickly that although the concept is simple the execution is very time consuming. I opted after messing around with the first skeleton's head to not try to leave areas that would show through the black chocolate (like the teeth and eyes) and to just paint the entire head and bones green. The same became true for the spider and web. Even with this shortcut of filling in my highlighted color completely solid it took me forever to paint the molds, melt the second color and then place (squish) the cookie into the melted chocolate. The other frustrating thing was that I was having the hardest time determining how much black chocolate to add before pressing the cookie into it. Too little and it would not cover the sides, too much and it was a huge mess on the back side.

By the time I chilled and popped out my 16 Oreo masterpieces I looked over at the other 84+ plain Jane Oreo's on the counter and thought to myself that they looked just marvelous as is. I figure I will just put the decorated ones on top and call it good this time around. I would not mind making these for a smaller scale event but for the volume I need I would go blind trying to get them done. Now back to your regularly scheduled baking…

P.S. I snuck Anthony's shirt out of the closet to wear last night since our evenings are getting cooler and yes "Shed Does Happen." At least when you live with two wonderful (and furry)Chinese Shar-Pei's!

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