Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Steampunk Cards

I recently started working on small Steampunk cards. My most recent larger cards are featured on my Letterboxing Blog because they contain hand carved Steampunk images from our Steampunk event last October. I never make cards from my images but I may just start incorporating them after seeing the results.

These cards only contain smaller store purchased stamps from Hero Arts, 7 Gypsies and other familiar rubber stamp companies. Steampunk is such a fun and inventive style to work with that the possibilities are endless. I am really enjoying playing with the images and textures. Just wait for me to bring Steampunk and Halloween together. Yes, that is me rubbing my hands together and smiling very wickedly!

On a side note I have been updating the music on my blog. I have been updating it with new songs weekly and am now featuring over 100 songs. I also changed the music to be the same stream on both my crafting and Letterboxing blogs. I have noticed that they mix songs differently and do not play in tandem. My Compassion blog still has primarily Christian music but these two are a wide variety of everything from Ray Charles and Enya to Feist. I am really hoping that blog visitors are enjoying the variety I have added. You can easily click around on the songs to make different selections if you have a favorite. The streams are set up on a random mix so you end up with a different music selection each time you pop in for a visit. It keeps the site from sounding the same every time.

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