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Fearless Card Making with Scrapbooking Card Stock

My Mind Eye Lost & Found Two Paper as Purchased
Hat Cards Below Featuring This Paper as the Base/Background

My Mind Eye Lost & Found Two Paper as Purchased
Little Bird Card Below Featuring This Paper as the Base/Background

My Mind Eye Lost & Found Two Paper as Purchased
Pixie Cards Below Featuring This Paper as the Base/Background

My Mind Eye Lost & Found Two Paper as Purchased
Fairy Whispers Card Below Featuring This Paper as the Base/Background

I think card makers often miss the boat by passing up on clearance card stock that is intended for scrapbook pages.  This is where fearless card making comes into play and you really learn to stretch your creative muscles.  All of the double sided card stock used above was .25 cents each (regular price $1.00 each).  They are from a line called Lost & Found Two by My Mind's Eye.  These papers are excellent both in weight and design.  Many are beautifully embellished with lots of glitter and are sumptuous to the touch.  What designates these papers as scrapbook papers is the layout and design on the main side of the paper.  Often the glitter, swirls and graphics are carefully laid out to facilitate quick and easy 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.  I think most card makers pass by these papers assuming they can only be used for scrapbooks because of the layout that is already in place.  To heck with that!  Pick up those clearance scrapbook papers and get down to business saving money and creating truly unique cards. 

Take a close look at the first two cards with the hats.  You will see that they are just slightly different.  They were both made from the same sheet of scarpbook paper but one of them has the word "Lovely" in the bottom right hand corner and the other does not.  I worked with the natural design of the paper and although the cards similar they are not quite identical.

Take another look at the pixie cards.  One part of the paper has a lot of glitter and spots for written thoughts and the bottom portion of the paper did not.  Again I was able to cut the sheet into two parts and make two almost identical cards working around the design in the paper. 

In some cases the paper looked almost the same on both cards so I only featured one card.  And in the case of the little bird card the card stock worked just fine for both cards because the sheet of card stock did not have any special features.  One small design item to note is that if you pick up card stock that is heavily glittered be sure that you use that for your background because if you use it for the inside of your card you will not be able to write on it.  Also be sure to use a heavy hand with your adhesives when sticking card stock or embellishments to heavily glittered paper.

With clearance papers you often get the tail end of different lines of papers but I am almost always able to purchase at least 2 sheets of the same paper.  With two sheets I have the coordinating paper on the back.  When I trim down my paper I automatically have scraps to use on the card that go together very nicely and I can make 4 cards from the two sheets of card stock.  All of the papers used above were from My Minds Eye.  I like to mix and match coordinating papers and scraps.  It's time to get your hands dirty and play.  If you don't have inky fingers and glitter on your face when you are done you are not really crafting!

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