Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Safari Cards

A friend returned from Africa recently and we are getting together for a bite to eat today.  I thought it might be nice to make some cards for her that can be used as thank yous to individuals and families who supported their trip and as all occasion cards to send to the new friends they made during their 9 months in Africa.  I made four of each design and stuck with simple layouts to expedite my time in the craft room last night.  I added a little glitter to two of the cards so they would sparkle.  The stamp set is actually an old one from Stampin Up!  I also made matching envelopes for each and had another old set of music themed stamps with words so with each animal I added a caption on the envelope like "Toe Tappin" on the elephant card and "Finger Snappin" on the alligator card.

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