Friday, December 7, 2012

Lavender Flower Fairy Card

I made this card last night for a special friend of mine. Typically I can create 2 to 4 cards in an hour depending on the components. This card took me two hours to complete. I did feel a little deflated leaving my craft room after 11 p.m. with only one card in hand. I originally had my evening of baking and crafting planned out a little better then it turned out as far as quantity of completed items but some times it just works out that way.

I have had this stamp for years and years (at least 10) and have never actually used it. Bad stamper! It is from a Flower Fairies line from Stamps Happen. She is the Lavender Flower Fairy. I wished that I had sprigs of lavender to add to the card instead of the flowers I used but sometimes you just have to use what is on hand vs. running out for last minute embellishments and inspirations.

Stamps Happen is now owned by Janlynn and they are your best bet now for Flower Fairies: or you can search for this stamp line through eBay and other crafting sites. I also have the Fairy on Foxglove stamp and one additional Fairy stamp but I do not see it on the site. Large stamps mean large cards. This card is 6 x 6. Large stamps like this one wood mounted usually run about $14.00 each.

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