Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shar-Pei Relaxing at the Beach Card

This card features one of my new rubber stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps! Anthony and I visited the store while we were in Las Vegas last weekend.  They have over 19,000 stamps.  No that is not a typo.  They did say that about 80% of their business is over the internet.  However, there is nothing like seeing that many stamps all in one place.  Anthony actually picked out both of my new Shar-Pei stamps.  I have not made any cards with the second stamp (Sitting Shar-Pei) but I did stamp it on the envelope above.  It was kind of funny because Anthony commented on how serious I was while we were inside the store.  Little did he realize that picking out rubber stamps is serious business.  I really have to put a lot of thought into how much I will use a stamp, what papers and embellishments I have that might compliment the stamp, etc.  I was in serious mental mode while we were there trying desperately to make good stamping decisions.  I do have to be honest that with their extensive inventory that it was extremely hard not to go wild with thinking I needed every stamp that captured my fancy.  And trust me there were a lot that didn't make the trip home to Boise with us during this visit but I have their web address bookmarked for future needs (wants).  A huge birthday thank you to Anthony for treating me to my mini stamp shopping extravaganza!  You just have to love a man that supports your rubber stamp/card making addiction. 

The card above also features papers from TPC Studio - Mediterranean Summer - Mosaic Tile.  I thought the colors of the paper were bright and cheery just like a warm summer day sleeping in the sun.  Just like Shar-Pei (and their humans) love to do.  I am looking forward to making more cards with my new stamps very soon.

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