Saturday, May 3, 2008

Card's for Anna...

A couple of weeks ago I met the nicest gal at Archivers during an Acrylic Album Class. She was struggling a bit to complete her album on time and I helped her along a little so that she had hers almost totally finished before she left. To her credit the Archivers classes are not for the faint. Instead of a relaxing two hours you end up moving at warp speed to complete your projects before your time is up. And in a room of at least 16 women it is mayhem with the crafting tools and space. I do love the projects but there is nothing relaxing about the classes. In fact now when I do take a class I work the project completely in reverse order using the sample and instructions. That way I am using different tools at a different time than the rest of the class. Anyway Anna wrote me the absolutely sweetest note card and I wanted to send her a few cards that I thought she might be able to use. Hopefully I can help her at another class some time. It’s no fun being overwhelmed when you are trying to create.

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