Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Bazzill Cards

I was looking forward to making a couple of new cards tonight with my Bazzill template and my new Angel Company stamps. Nothing is better than new toys! Even though I was still using scraps (my continual goal) and putting the card together on the fly I was able to stitch much faster tonight. In part to making the holes larger in the first place and I also selected smaller images. I really do love the texture that the stitching adds to the cards. It can be whimsical or classy. Very fun indeed. I was able to find a dog related template on line and ordered last night. How could I resist? I do have a $5.00 coupon burning a hole in my pocket to spend at Archiver's. Maybe it's time to pick up a few more templates. You just never know. Speaking of scraps I finally had so many that I had to separate them by printed paper and solid papers just to get a handle on things. I am hoping this will help motivate me to start using them up. Now instead of one container of scraps I have two. Oh the horrors of scraps!

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