Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flower Power

We have a dinner tonight at church. They told us to make double of everything we are bringing. I decided to try some cupcakes that were a little more complicated. I picked sunflower cupcakes from my Hello, Cupcake! cookbook. I was doing okay with the base frosting and attaching the cookie. They are proponents of store bought frosting and suggested vanilla. I picked up cream cheese. Where I was struggling was with the individual leaves that make up the actual flower petals. The technique is to squeeze, pull and release. My frosting seemed too soft and thus my petals were droopy. In addition I used my tip from my decorating set and they used a zip lock bag with tape. I made a second batch of frosting from scratch to see if it worked better and I was still struggling with the stiffness of the petals. For a first try I think these are fine but I know that practice will make perfect.

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