Sunday, September 27, 2009

Extreme Pantry Makeover – Scarier Than Monsters on Halloween!

The Horror Before!

Run for Your Life!

Ta-Da!!! After!!!
All Organized!

Spick and Span!

About every three months I am forced to clean out the kitchen pantry. It takes hours to remove everything, reorganize and place all the items back on the shelves. I think there are Gremlins invading the pantry at night who cause all the havoc and mess. Recently I was home ill and decided to push my way through old magazines that were invading every spare storage space I had. I ran into a pantry article in the April 2008 issue. They had an idea about zoning the pantry and set up all these really cute metal baskets with labels. Although the pantry in the article was obviously larger than ours I decided to steal the idea and do something similar to see if this would help end my three month ritual. I have better things to do than clean and organize on weekends. I priced similar baskets and they were around $15.00 each. I determined I needed about 12 and that seemed a little pricy for storage bins that basically never see the light of day. I ran over to Wal-Mart to look for an inexpensive alternative. I found and purchased small black tubs for $1.88 each. A real bargain compared to the metal baskets. I again pulled everything out (this entire project took me three days). I reorganized items into zones and placed everything back into the pantry. I did take my Crop-A-Dile and punched a hole into each tub and then printed tags on my Cricut and attached them with ribbon. This should help the men folk in the house locate items without asking me for assistance (a woman can dream can’t she). Our good camera is back east right now but I did capture some images of before and after. Whew! Just in time for me to go now and set up my Halloween village. Let’s hope this prevents me from ever facing an ugly pantry again.

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