Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dally Caramel Dip

A neighborhood friend (Debbie) always runs across the most unique crafting ideas and good deals around town. Recently Debbie shared a really fun and creative way to make homemade Caramel Dip. I could not resist giving it a try and only made two cans on my first batch. I sent them over to Joy and her family to taste test along with a bunch of apples. Joy took one can to work for her staff, opened it up and got rave reviews. Fastforward to last night and Alex and I picked up the supplies to make 10 cans. You peel the labels off of cans of sweetened condensed milk and cover them completely with water. You boil them nonstop for three hours. As the water evaporates you keep adding more to keep them completely covered. After cooling you add a custom label and wrap them up as fall treats for your friends and family. Alex just took a batch over to Tonya and Mike who he walks the dogs for. Other cans we will be taking to our small group in the morning and then handing more out to neighbors and co-workers. I did a simple wrap job on these tonight but I will get some small bowls and wrap the camel and apples together in for future gifts. And what do you do when you watch a pot boil for three hours? Play board games of course. Alex and I picked up the Nightmare Before Christmas Board Game this weekend and gave it a whirl. The game was actually pretty fun and it made the time zoom by quickly.

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