Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frankenstein Brownies...A Bit Scary

I saw a recipe on line to make Frankenstein brownies. I thought the kids at church would get a kick out of them this weekend so I attempted to make a batch – heck they looked easy enough. Famous last words. As it turns out I did not have the right brownie mix so instead of making one large pan of 13 x 9 inch brownies I ended up making two pans of 8 x 8 brownies. As it turns out this was an important step in the process as my brownies ended up too thick and a bit too large when cut. I also quickly discovered how difficult it is to frost brownies. Every time you smooth on the frosting the tops come off. Instead of only needing a tablespoon of frosting for each brownie I ended up smothering the top of each one to get it to stay covered. I need a lot of practice frosting brownies or to frost them upside down in the future. Although these ended up being way too big and very poorly decorated (not cure like the picture) I still took them to church and low and behold every single one of them was gobbled up before we even made it back to the table to collect our plates. Fortunately 6 through 15 year old crowd at church is not as critical of my decorating attempts as I am.

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