Saturday, December 26, 2009

Secret Pei-Santa

Each year I enjoy signing up for the Secret Santa exchange with the Pei-Café. It’s fun to exchange gifts with fellow Pei-A-Holics. I try to include something handmade each year like a mini scrapbook, custom cards or handmade frames. I already sent a box of goodies to my Secret Santa this year but still had one gift left to finish. We open gifts on the 30th and these may not make it in time but I hope that they will enjoy them even with the slight delay. It felt good to sit in my craft room this weekend as most of my free holiday time has been spent in the kitchen. As much as I love to cook, paper crafting will always take 1st place in my creative heart. I ordered pictures of Bella off of the Pei Café Yahoo Group in wallet size. I then created 4 cards of each design. I don’t think my Secret Santa checks my blog so I am safe giving up the secret. If not then she will at least know there are more gifts coming. A funny note to this is that after I mailed my box of goodies to her I realized I completely forgot to put a card in the box wishing her a Merry Christmas. Since my address is not on the outside of the box she will not know who sent it. Too funny!

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