Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cards for Barb

My friend Barb has had a difficult 2009 (this is an extreme understatement). She is a person of high integrity, excellent work ethics and an all around great person, mother, wife and friend. One of the things I respect about Barb the most is her faith. She has such a strong inner strength through her faith. I wanted to make her some cards as a gift from my heart. I gave Barb just two cards before Christmas. I had made some for the Emmaus Pilgrims that were on the Walk with me and I made a few extra for Barb. I know how much she appreciates handmade cards and have been hoping to have the time to make her some this holiday season. With my Santa Pei cards packaged up this afternoon I ran back downstairs to finally work on Barbs. So far I have made two different cards (4 of each design) for her. I wanted to stick with the Owl theme using the same colors for all of the designs. Owl's were very popular stamp images in 2009 and I finally purchased a few for myself. These are from Hero Arts and are wood mounted. I was actually Christmas shopping for a friend when I found these. Yes, I ended up with stamps for me instead. I made these cards generic so Barb could use them for any occasion.

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