Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cupcakes All Around

This weekend we were in full cupcake baking mode. We did have a few set backs and lost about 8 dozen cupcakes due to some baking errors. Mr. Dally (bless his heart) assumed that all cake mixes use the same oven temperature and ingredients. In about 2 hours time he learned some very valuable lessons including the difference between salted and unsalted butter and how quickly cupcakes will burn at 375 degrees vs. 350 degrees. He also learned that ingredients and mixes are not interchangeable. Back to the store for more cake mixes we started baking all over again. I have actually decorated cupcakes three days in a row and was so thankful to have my friend Joy come over on Friday for the biggest cupcake commitment we had. This weekend we had a batch go with me to my Stampin Up! card club, a batch go to the homeless dinner that Anthony and Alex helped serve at the shelter, three batches on Friday went to the churches Momentum Youth Ministries dessert fundraising auction and tonight's decorated cupcakes are headed to coffee hour at church tomorrow. We also baked brownies tonight so I only had to make one batch of cupcakes instead of two. The pictures above are of the cupcake towers we made for the church auction. In total they contained 49 cupcakes and required 5 batches of homemade frosting to decorate.

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