Saturday, May 15, 2010

Homespun Greetings Card Workshop

Today Mariette and I enjoyed a little creative girls afternoon out. We had lunch at The Ram (they have a delicious Thai Chicken Salad) and then just made it over to the Homespun Greeting Card Workshop at Archiver's.

New products seem to flood the crafting market often and I find the classes a great way to play with the new toys before deciding to purchase any. Today's 4 card class came with an added bonus. We crafted with a Cosmo Cricket 6 x 6 Material Mini Deck. The deck of paper has 36 sheets of paper in it so we came home with 3/4th of the deck still full. I often wish that I was partnered with a company to send me new products to test with and design with before they introduce them to the public. I think one of the greatest tests of creativity is to be given an item and to create with it. As soon as I start working with an item (paper, stamps, accessories) images come to mind on the possibilities of what I can create. I absolutely love the challenge and the freedom to explore.

Mariette and I were thrilled to see that Sara was teaching our class today. Sara is a great crafter and a friend from church. She usually works at Archiver's at night so I never see her there. Although the classes do not offer me a lot of freedom to create (I still take a few liberty's with the layout) they do allow me to play and to visit with friends. My butterfly card above has three butterflies (the class sample only had two). I can get away with a little bit without anyone noticing that I am running wild during the class.

Before leaving Archiver's I had to use my free paper and 30% off coupon's. I purchased two new Hero Art Cling Stamps. It was fun because with a $15 purchase I received a complimentary Artists Proof's catalog. Nothing is more yummy that pouring over a new stamp catalog. I wonder if there is a group called Stampers Anonymous? I purchased the Peacock and Butterfly Fields stamps. As soon as I can pry my Tea Pot Lady Stamp out of my hands I will find some quality time to spend with these stamps. The other item I hunted down is the affordable Bag-O-Buttons (Foof-a-La). I am not willing to count the buttons in the bag but it says over 500 buttons and they were only $5.99. I have these buttons in mind for some A-B-C alphabet cards that I have not started on yet. So many ideas never enough time.

My day continued into the evening. Alex and I went out to dinner this evening and then to Prairie Dog Productions to see "STAR WARPS." They do these great family friendly Musical Melodrama Parodies. They are silly, goofy and a ton of fun. As they say at Prairie Dog Productions "May the Farce be with You!"

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