Monday, July 19, 2010

Wallowa Lake Gift for Janet

Alex and I went to family camp with our church the weekend before last. I love the pace of church camp because you can do your own thing or you can join others in scheduled activities like miniature golf or hiking. I was blessed to be able to spend time with Janet and her family at camp. Janet and I were in the same small group once at church so it was a treat to have time together recently. Her family was kind enough to help me with the blister on my heel that has plagued me since our camping trip to Cascade over the July 4th weekend. I wanted to put together a small thank you gift for Janet expressing my thanks for their care and concern.

I tend to be a bit of a shutter bug (this is no secret) and I run around church camp all weekend with my camera terrorizing my fellow campers. I captured the image above of Janet and her family on the way back from our hike on Joseph Trail. I loved the picture so much that I knew it was just the gift I was looking for. Tonight I made an outdoor inspired paper picture frame and matching card to accompany the sepia colored snap shot. I will try to find a cleaver way to wrap up the gift and will see if I can find Janet in the crowd on Sunday.

Crafting does take a bit of a back seat in the summer as I spend more time letterboxing and camping than I do in the basement. It felt good to stretch my creative muscles a little tonight. I have a second gift I am going to make for a special friend from church camp too.

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