Saturday, December 25, 2010

House-Mouse Design - On Dasher, On Dancer

Tonight I am working on "Thank You" cards for friends and family. As always our family was so generous in the gifts that they sent for Chrismtas. I hate to have too much time pass before I get thank you cards in return. I stamped another cute House-Mouse design for the base of my Thank You cards called "On Dasher, On Dancer." I just love this image and it was a lot of fun to work with.

Anthony suggested to Nick that I might like a couple of Copic Markers for Christmas. An excellent gift if I do say so myself. Nick did not realize that you could purchase the markers individually or that I keep a list of the markers that I already have. Nick went to the Craft Warehouse and instead of individual markers he purchased a set of 12 Copic Markers for me. Nick was sharing the story of his purchase with us after I opened the gift this morning and how glad he was that they were 30% off because of how expensive they were. Anthony and I about choked when we realized how much Nick had spent on the markers. The great news is that they will get lots of use and out of the 12 markers I only ended up with a duplicate of one of the colors. I can just picture Nick there in the middle of a craft store alone looking for a Christmas gift for me. Pretty sweet gift all around! The other interesting thing about the set is that they are shaped a little differently and the tip on one end is different too. I used them tonight on the cards I was working on and they are such a great addition to my Copic Marker supply.

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