Friday, November 11, 2011

Now This is Scary

Recently as a funny I told Mr. Dally that I was the talent. I am convinced that he is still trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about. I think this was my silly way of explaining that I am a fickle and finicky crafter. Even I can’t determine what drummer I beat to most of the time when I am crafting but obviously it is not the holiday calendar. Yes, you are looking at Halloween cards a week after Halloween. My only way of explaining this is that I needed to cleanse my creative palate tonight. I needed to prepare myself to do some serious crafting this weekend and these cards were an exercise in opening the doors to my creativity. When I need to really start thinking creatively it helps me to limit myself to certain products and only those products. Then I see what I can make out of them trying not to duplicate the exact same card twice but following a similar structure, theme or feel on the cards. I am not sure why this works for me but it totally unblocks my creativity in general. I have a very long list of Letterboxing crafting that I need to do and the cards helped me to feel completely inspired again. Besides how can you resist the adorable Monster Mash Stuffy Stickers on the cards? They were just screaming to be used. I do post my Letterboxing creative projects on my letterboxing blog but I am often using the same tools and skills to create them. With many letterboxing obligations on the calendar I may not slow down for a while but it nice tonight to finally make some cards. Anthony looked at them and was baffled as always. He mentioned that I must be getting a start on next year’s Halloween cards.

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