Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pre-Purchased Advent Inspiration

A small moment of inspiration. I love Advent gifts especially for adults. This year I spotted these great Advent tins from Starbucks already filled with treats. I gave one to my niece "as is" but then I realized that I could personalize them by adding my own touch. I purchased one for a friend as part of a birthday gift and several for work for recognition gifts. I then hand picked inspirational quotes for each person, printed them and tucked them into the tins. I originally wanted to alter the tins by adding card making embellishments to the top of each but the quotes took quite a bit of time to prepare and stuff. I was worried about running out of time (before December 1st) so I ended up leaving them undecorated. Another thing I love about these tins is that they can be reused.

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