Saturday, October 24, 2015

Homemade Fleur de Sel - Gourmet Lavender Sea Salt

Kelly Reed and I also crafted a bit of Lavender magic in the culinary world last weekend.  We whipped together Homemade Fleur de Sel - Gourmet Lavender Sea Salt.  This combination is a blend of herbs used in southern France.  You would use this elegant salt seasoning with fish, poultry, vegetables or in your favorite salad dressing.  You can mix and match herbs until you have a blend that suits your taste buds.  I provided Kelly with French Finishing Sea Salt, a blend of Herb's de Provence and Culinary Lavender.  Kelly picked through the lavender (removing stems and other foreign items) and then blended the three ingredients together until she felt the flavors were balanced.

While Kelly blended herbs, lavender and salt I worked on tags and material for the jars.  Then once filled Kelly wrapped each jar and added the tag for the finishing touch.  With Gourmet salts and blends a little goes a long way thus the small jars to give as gifts.

  • Fleur de Del Finishing Sea Salt from France
  • Herbs de Provence (savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme and oregano)
  • Culinary Lavender (sort the buds from the stems)

Combine all ingredients until desired blend is achieved.  Package as desired.

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