Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarah's Request...

Sarah came to visit Boise for Derrick’s graduation from BSU. I asked her on Thursday night what she wanted to do together while she was visiting. I honestly expected her to request to spend our time together at the mall shopping ( a nightmare as far as I was concerned). Imagine my surprise to have her ask if we could bake and craft together. She said that she missed spending time together cooking and doing projects. Although we did eat out a couple of times (including her first visit to the Cheesecake Factory) and we caught a Chick Flick over at the Majestic we saved lots of time to craft and bake. On Friday Sarah asked to make and decorate cupcakes. Thank heavens I just so happen to be proficient at this very task. I showed Sarah how to make fancy cupcakes and then let her go wild with the frosting and her decorations. She ended up taking 12 cupcakes to the hotel to eat for the weekend. Today we visited Archiver’s and I was able to steer Sarah towards a frame project. She picked out the paper that she liked the most in blue and green tones. Sarah originally wanted to make a scrapbook but there was just not time to accomplish such a large project (I know firsthand with two sitting downstairs incomplete at this very moment). The frame worked out perfect and I even managed to print out a picture for her to complete the project. Sarah was pretty excited about her new frame that will go into her bedroom back in Texas. It’s so nice to see that kids today (especially my own) appreciate the simple time that you can spend together vs. the money drain that they act entitled to. Sarah doesn’t know this but we slipped a gift to her father for her to open on the airplane. Aside from asking to eat at the Cheesecake Factory today (it was her turn to choose) Sarah didn’t ask me to spend a dime on her during her visit. I had fun this morning picking out a Nintendo DS game for her, some sweets and the second book in the Twilight series. I think she will be thrilled when she open sit tomorrow. Naturally I included a handmade card!

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