Sunday, May 31, 2009

Army of Cupcakes

The weekend before Sarah’s arrival I made and decorated a literal army of cupcakes. Thank goodness Friday night Joy and her daughter Amber came over to help. She knew the quantity I was making was insane and she graciously came over to help. Two events dictated my large cupcake endeavor that was underway that evening. I had been asked by the church to make cupcakes for the Ladies Tea. I had actually been asked to make petits fours (tiny cakes) but I do not have any experience with those so I made baby cakes instead. I made enough baby cakes so each lady at the tea would have one chocolate and one vanilla. For the same Saturday I was making and decorating the more complicated flower and lady bug cupcakes for Kay (a member of our church) for a friends baby shower. Come Friday morning I was still decorating cupcakes. But thanks to Joy I had everything ready to roll on time for both Kay and the ladies tea. Whew! I will definitely not make that many in one night again. I did break down and made Red Velvet Cupcakes for Pentecost Sunday at church today. The whole theme was red and they asked everyone to wear red. So I figured it would be fun to bring red cupcakes too. They must have been a hit because I saw lots of people walking around at coffee hour with their Red Velvet Cupcakes.

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