Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year’s Day Scrap at Archivers

For Christmas Anthony signed me and a couple of friends up for two days of scrapping at Archivers. I was fortunate to have two different friends join me for my crafting events this weekend. On Friday for the New Years Scarp Mariette joined me and we worked our creative muscles from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I dedicated Friday to card making as I am basically out of hand made cards. I had no theme or plan in mind and packed my crafting supplies on my way out the door to the New Year’s Day Scrap. I just used what I had and managed to grab and make five different cards (four of each design). They also had two small make-and-take projects while we were there. One was an embossed heart with ribbon and some red rhinestone gems and the other was a heart paper patterned gift card holder. It’s always hard when they demonstrate the latest and greatest because you are not aware of what you can’t live without until someone shows you.

Anthony came by after our crafting day and took me to dinner at PF Changes and to see the movie “It’s Complicated” at Edwards downtown. It’s amazing how much crafting can take out of you but I was beat by the time we sat down to dinner.

One thing I do really enjoy about Archiver’s is their craft classes. They are always reasonably priced and well prepared. They send you home with great color directions that you can use to reproduce what you made in class. I am looking forward to some of their spring classes.

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