Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tomorrow is Father's Day

I have finally slowed down for a minute or two. I have been in high gear all day. Naturally it was dog walking early, a three hour meeting at the church with the Worship Committee, errands, house cleaning, packing Alex for his mission trip with the youth group tomorrow, lots of laundry, dishes and in between preparing for Father's Day. Aside from Father's Day gift shopping I made Anthony a 4 layer Red Velvet cake. I am really more of a cupcake inspired baker but I thought a layered cake might be fun. You have to keep them guessing. The only draw back I found was the amount of frosting it took to build the layers. I used all my frosting thus I had none left to decorate the top and sides with.

My next labor of love was the creation of a Father's Day card. Store bought was not an option as I have a reputation to maintain. I made two at the same time. I left Anthony's a bit simpler because I was running short on time to have it ready with his cake and gifts. But I have drawn on my creative flair with the second card and I think I have been rewarded for my efforts. You can compare the two cards above. I really like the holes I pounded for the honeycomb and the additional stamping and embossing. On the second card I also distressed the hemp cord just a tad with black ink.

The stamps I used are a new set I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday from Inkadinkado. It was the bees that attracted me to the set and I had a 50% off one item coupon burning a hole in my bag. You just can't beat a set of stamps for $5.00.

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