Saturday, March 5, 2011

Take Ten Spring 2011 My Cards Published

Stampers' Sampler Take Ten magazine is dedicated to creating cards that can be made in ten minutes or less. From time to time I push my creative abilities and submit cards for their submission challenges. Sometimes I design cards that are general in theme and send them in for consideration too. Magazines such as Take Ten receive hundreds and thousands of submissions for publication. When you send in cards you never know if they are even worthy of consideration. Then you wait and watch and hope that just maybe a card of yours will make it into print.

I was extremely excited earlier this week to open my mail box and find the Spring 2011 issues of Take Ten inside. I ripped off the plastic and thumbed through the magazines pages quickly to see if I had a card inside. I am like a kid on Christmas morning when a new magazine arrives. Imagine my surprise and delight to not only find one card published but four! And even more amazing in my mind is that the publisher took my dog inspired cards and created a four page article on embossing featuring them. I am sure that they receive a multitude of embossed cards but it was really special to have them select mine to feature. I feel incredibly humbled and blessed to be included in their beautiful magazine.

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