Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wood Veneer Die-Cuts and Stamps of Life

Last night I returned to the Studio Calico kit items to work on creating additional cards for Pastor John. The kit contained a set of alphabet die-cut real wood veneer letters. I have never worked with wood veneer letters before but figured this was a perfect opportunity. The letters were wispy and delicate to the touch. I was a bit too liberal with my glue application and was covered in glue by the time the cards were drying but all and all I think that the letters were a unique and fun addition to the cards. Interestingly I was only able to make two words (duplicate words on 4 cards total) that seemed to fit the cards I was designing. It was sort of like playing Scrabble or Words with Friends. By the time I was working on my third card I was down to all the difficult to use letters like Q, X, Z and J and was almost out of vowels. None of the words I could make out of my remaining letters would work with the concept of the third card I created. Veneer embellishments would be be fun to use on Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC) too.

The stamp set with the bible verses is from the Stamps of Life. It is the Praise4him set. The set contains 8 bible verses and I thought these passages would make great generic cards for Pastor John. When I create cards as gifts I try to keep most of them generic so they can be used for any occasion. In all I created 6 cards (2 of each design) for John last night before I started working on LTC’s.

Stamps of Life:

Studio Calico Wood Veneer Embellishments:

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