Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Christmas and Birthday Card Crafting Tonight

Tonight Mr. Dally roasted a turkey for dinner and I slipped down to my craft room with Raisin and Jay.  I needed some holiday inspiration and fortunately Bing Crosby and Perry Como were willing to help get my holiday juices flowing.  I just love having Pandora on my Kindle Fire.  Once the holiday music was playing I managed to create my very fist Christmas card of the season which I need for a special friend in the very near future.  It didn't hurt that I have been slowly setting up our Christmas village all around the house this past weekend.  I am only half finished but it put me in the holiday spirit seeing them set up when I came home this evening.  Some of them are lit and some are not.

My second endeavor of the evening was creating a birthday card for another friend of mine.  I had fun playing with my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists on the Wooden Flourishes by Kaiser Craft.  I started the card using different papers, color themes and stamps and totally shifted gears after about 30 minutes of not having the cards come together as I imagined.  The creative process always leads in different directions depending on what I am inspired by.  Tonight was interesting because I needed two completely different cards and was struggling a bit as I started creating the second card.  Once I tossed my original layout and started over the card came together much easier than my first attempt.  Now it's time to let the ink dry and head to bed.  At least The Raisin is telling me it is time.

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