Sunday, December 1, 2013

Secret Santa Gift Tags

At work I am participating in a Secret Santa Exchange with our Billing Department.  They do the exchange each December and it is a lot of fun.  In addition to swapping names a 5 letter word is used each year and we are all challenged to come up with interesting and unique inexpensive gifts to represent each letter in the selected word.  This years word is "WHITE."  I created tags for each letter to affix to the gifts so as they are selected they know which letter to open next.  I realize that the tags might give me away as the Secret Santa as I am one of only a few paper artists that participate in the exchange.  In past years I have attempted to really think outside the box and have realized that I may beat to a different drummer than my fellow Secret Santa Gift givers.  This year I decided to find a happy balance between my creative side and more traditional gifts.  I think I know what I am going to give for the "W", "H" and "T" but am still chewing on the "I" and "E". 

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